CNC Projects

Just recently I've been experimenting with home built cnc milling. Basically I just like the idea of controlling a machine! However it can also be used for making small parts, cutting plastic etc. and for making prototype PCB boards. If you are at all interested in home cnc take a look at John Klienbauer's site ( he provides great plans and many of the ideas I've used have been inspired by his designs or those of other visitors to his Hardware Store Cnc forum.

Video of the machine in action

gpcnc.jpg (8089 bytes)I've made a video of the machine and control software in action. To view it click here.

Modified 3Axis machine

5_300s.jpg (15213 bytes)I started out with a 3Axis machine from Milford Instruments. Take a look at my 3 Axis pages for details....

New machine

blue1.jpg (12349 bytes)I'd really got to the limit of the 3 Axis machine. So I decided to start again with a completely new machine. This one built from scratch including a new home built control unit. To see all of the details click here....

Control unit

fp3.jpg (8097 bytes)I built my own bipolar motor control unit. Based on ST L6219 motor drivers and a PIC 16F877 microcontroller. To see the details click here.

Using the machine

th1.jpg (17101 bytes)To take a look at some of the things I've been using the new machine for take a look at my cnc projects page



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