CNC Projects

I'm happy to share some of my CNC projects with others. I've made available the DXF files and GCode files for the Tool holder I made. Please note that the GCode was generated for my machine (ISO GCode with absolute centres for arcs) and may need changing for use with your machine. Hope you find these designs of some use.

Tool Holder

th3.jpg (11394 bytes)
Tool holder DXF and GCode files (zipped)


The parts are designed to be a press fit (and then glued together). The DXF files are very simple. They are used as input to a program called DeskCNC which generates the toolpaths. This means that the DXF files are the actual dimensions of the part. I used DeskCNC to handle tool offsets for cutting out the parts.

The GCode files (.DNC) have comments at the top indicating what size tools the toolpaths have been generated for (It is a 3mm end mill which is very close to a 1/8" end mill).

Each DNC file also contains several GCode programs (Look for the M02 command which marks the end of each segment). You may need to split them out into different files.

The parts are designed to be cut from 1/2" mdf. The GCode assumes that the tools are setup so that Z = 0 is with the tool tip just touching the top surface. The code cuts the parts out completely (I held the mdf down with double sided tape so there are no tabs to keep the parts in place).

The GCode contains feedrate settings of F2.0 you will probably want to remove or over-ride these settings

This is the first time I've ever tried making GCode available so I'm not sure how it will work out. Please let me know if you see any problems.

Copyright 1998-2011 Andy Shaw